Report from the Director of BTC

December 2021

We are thankful to God for watching over us during the vacation and for bringing us back to BTC (Bible Training Center). All the students and teachers are back. We started this academic year for 2021 and 2022 on the 4th of October. We have had a very good beginning. We have 19 freshmen, 20 in the second year, 18 in the third year for a total of 57 with 38 being returning students. The majority of them are from Benin. The rest from Chad, Guinea, Conakry, Congo, RDC and Ivory-Coast. All the rooms of the new dormitory are occupied by the married students. The rooms are not sufficient. We rented a house outside of the campus for a couple. We have 21 couples: eight in the first year, five in the second year and eight in the third year. The yearly practice of providing the final year students with study and reference books took place. The FACE board approved for us to purchase the books for them. Each student received nine books. The day the books are shared is like a Christmas day for them. It would be difficult for them to purchase these books on their own, so it is like a dream come true for all of them. They promised that they will use those books for their own spiritual maturity and also share their knowledge with others. Big thanks to the donors.

The preacher who is in Azovè signed a contract with Dadje FM 88.9 on the 21st of November. He will be on the air every Thursday from 8-9 p.m. The program is called “The Voice of the Truth Radio Broadcasts.” The preacher in Parakou signed a contract with Radio Fraternité FM 96.5 for 30 minutes on Saturday mornings beginning at 6:30 a.m. The program is entitled “The Way to Heaven Radio Broadcasts.” I signed a contract with Radio Tado FM 106.3 and started on the first Saturday in November. My program is entitled “You Shall Know the Truth Radio Broadcasts.” I will be on the air every Saturday from 4-5 p.m. Todego Christian has also signed a contract with Radio Gerddes FM 89.5 in Porto-Novo. The program is entitled “The Voice of Truth Radio Broadcasts.” He was on the air from the first Saturday in November from 8-9 p.m. The brothers in the Mono also signed a contract with Radio Mono FM 97.7. The title of their program is “Back to the Bible Radio Broadcasts.” They will be on the air every Sunday from 6-7 p.m. We hope that through these programs many people will be converted and churches will be established.

We divided our students into sixteen groups for missions and evangelism. They are attached to churches for their development. They will go on Sundays for worship, on Fridays for prayer and on Saturdays for house to house evangelism. At times, they will go out when they book appointments with people. We hope and pray that many people will be won to the Lord this academic year also.

One big need we have established is the need to educate our children in the word of God. On Sundays, our churches overflow with children. BTC graduate, Hossou Hilaire accepted the challenge and is also doing a very good job mobilizing and training children’s Bible class teachers. He has divided the churches into 12 zones. Every Saturday, he goes to a zone to teach some selected members of the church how to teach children’s Bible class on Sunday mornings.

This academic year, we have 21 women on campus. These are the wives of the preacher training students. We have nine women in the first year, six women in the second year and six women in the third year. They are being trained in the word of God in order for them to help their husbands on the field. In addition to taking select Bible courses, the women also receive training in vocational courses. We have 14 women who are learning sewing and seven who are learning hairdressing. All the women are grateful to you because it could have been difficult for some of them to get money to learn a trade such as sewing or hairdressing on their own.

Adjayi Inoussa, Director of BTC.