On Campus: Benin

June 2021

Inoussa Adjayi, with his wife accompanying him, recently conducted a two day seminar at a congregation in northern Benin. During their time with the brethren in Benin, they also worshiped with them at a Sunday morning service. Adjayi, the Director of the Bible Training Center in Cotonou, Benin, worked closely with George Akpabli. He is transitioning to his new role of increased responsibility with the assistance and guidance that George provides during his periodic visits. There are constant challenges that arise from the on-going work in Benin including land border closures and the absence of enough vaccines to address the COVID-19 pandemic. These challenges, however, have not kept brethren from assembling together to study the Bible and to spread the gospel of Christ in French speaking Africa. These photos of the participants at the conference, provided by brother Adjayi, reflect the dedication of brethren in Benin during these times of adversity.