How You Can Support FACE

June 2023

Many individuals and congregations have asked for various ways to support FACE. The following narratives and photographs show some of the areas you have helped with. Every donation is appreciated, and we work with the administrators to be good stewards of the funds provided.

As the Bible Training Center moves to accredited university status, there will be the need for additional revenue to accommodate growth. We are available to meet with anyone who would like more information about these plans.

Richard England, Executive Director

Tuition: $3,700 per year (includes required student ministering to congregations during summer)The tuition fee includes the following: cost of instruction; curriculum materials; books; housing; insurance; and other related incidental expenses (such as transportation, costs for travel to preaching assignments and Bible studies with one or more remote congregations)

Church Building (Irene Morgan Legacy Fund): $7,500 constructs a one story, cinder block building of approximately 1,100 square feet. There is no water nor electricity included in the building costs due to potential unavailability of these utilities. If utilities are available there is a nominal additional cost based on location.

They Need Bibles: $_____ This fund provides for Bibles primarily in French but at times Bibles in other languages found in Benin and surrounding countries. Bibles are distributed through the BTC graduates and the congregations they serve, as well as special outreach ministries such as at BTC graduations; special conferences; and baptisms. In addition to complete Bible translations, a children’s Bible curriculum is being developed that will provide elementary, basic Bible instruction designed for children. The completed curriculum will introduce the entire Old and New Testaments. At present the initial eight volumes are available in English, French and Spanish and are made available for free in PDF format on the FACE website. Hard copies of the curriculum are printed and distributed as funding allows.

Preacher support: $150 per monthThis is a “pass through” fund with all funds donated going to the respective minister’s support. Congregations are encouraged to maintain direct contact with the recipient. Preachers determined to be eligible for this support are recommended by the Director of the Bible Training Center in Benin who is also responsible for the distribution of the funds to the recipients. This does include those working with congregations in remote regions.

Additional opportunities for support of the Bible Training Center and French African Christian Education include: 

Vocational Training for Spouses: The wives of BTC students also receive opportunities for vocational training in sewing and hair-dressing. Those successfully completing this training and passing the government license exam are then allowed to open their own business. Spouses frequently become a major source of support for their husbands who are preaching — sometimes without additional support. Every effort is made to provide a manually operated sewing machine or electric hair-dryer to those who successfully complete the program. More information about this program is available on request.

Classroom/Facilities Expansion: Preparations are being made to meet the needs of an increased enrollment as BTC begins to admit more students for preacher training, training of Bible class teachers, encouraging development of church leaders and spreading the gospel of Christ throughout Africa. A new classroom building is currently under construction at an approximate cost of $56,000. Additional classroom space, as well as expanded married student housing needed in the near future.

*The Bible Training Center has provided instruction for over 300 students since 1995, with approximately 85% still actively preaching the gospel of Christ in 13 countries (Benin, Togo, Cameron, Chad, Ivory Coast, Guinea Conakry, Central African Republic, Burkina Faso, Niger, Gabon, Mali, Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo). More than fifty graduates continue to preach without support. There are 34 countries and territories in Africa where French is the national language, with an estimated population of over 160 million. French African Christian Education and the Bible Training Center are committed to the mission of spreading the gospel of Christ and encouraging Christians throughout Africa and beyond.