BTC Graduation Trip 2023

October 2023

The Bible Training Center is a three year program. Each October a new semester begins with room for 20 students. The students must take an admission examination over the course of two days which determines if they are eligible to enter. After three years of rigorous coursework, the students leave BTC to establish congregations and work with existing congregations of the Lord’s church.

While in school, single students live in the dorms. Married students and their families live in the married student housing. The students work with congregations of the Lord’s church in multiple locations preaching on Sundays. Due to the desperate need for preachers in the area villages, often students will work with more than one congregation, often preaching three times on a Sunday.

Every July a graduation ceremony is held on campus. Over 750 people attend the ceremony. After a worship service, the graduation ceremony is held where diplomas are awarded, graduates are prayed over, and special speakers are invited to share encouraging messages.

This year Paul Johnson, Chairman of the Board for FACE, preached at the worship service and Dr. Richard England, Executive Director of FACE, gave the graduation speech.