Board of Trustees Report

December 2022

Why would I be asked to help with evangelizing French-speaking Africans, when I do not even speak French? And yet, when Bill Morgan asked me to join the Board of the French African Christian Education (FACE) Foundation, I responded with a “yes” and proceeded to travel with my wife and others to view the work of training Gospel preachers who were taking the Gospel throughout West Africa. Knowing that we are to taught to go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19), I knew this was an opportunity to help these preachers answer God’s call while fulfilling our own responsibilities as well. After seeing firsthand that FACE was one of the most efficient, effective and productive programs in our brotherhood, I was convinced it was a work in which we must become partners with our African brethren. We have been involved with FACE since July 2008 and have seen the instructional programs growing, the number of prepared preachers increasing, and the number of congregations established. We are grateful to know that countless numbers of souls have been saved because of this great work. Africans teaching, converting and nurturing spiritual growth in other Africans with very little outside influence and U.S. dollars is a more sustainable mission work than some other evangelistic efforts in the past. The key is African leadership with some support from Americans in initial training of preachers and establishment of healthy congregations of churches of Christ. We applaud theAfrican and American leadership for working together so effectively.