Adjayi and Rebecca Visit The US

February 2024

Adjayi and his wife, Rebecca, were able to be in the U.S. for the September board meeting of French African Christian Education (FACE). Their journey to the U.S. was delayed for over a year due to the backlog of requests for visas that resulted from COVID restrictions. Thankfully, they were able to have the necessary interview and get the necessary paperwork to finally make their trip. This was Adjayi’s second trip to the U.S. and Rebecca’s first. We are very thankful for Adjayi’s good work as director of the Bible school in Benin, his willingness to serve as translator for those visiting in Africa, his encouragement to many congregations of the Lord’s church throughout Benin and beyond, and his abilities to meet the challenges of an ever expanding work as the gospel is spread in French speaking Africa.

Adjayi was one of the keynote speakers for Freed-Hardeman University’s Missions Emphasis Day. He was able to speak to several groups of students about the challenges of mission work in Africa, as well as answer questions posed by students and faculty. Thanks to the Bible faculty of Freed-Hardeman for the invitation to provide more information about mission work in Africa.

In addition to Freed-Hardeman University, Adjayi and Rebecca had an opportunity to visit the campus of Heritage Christian University in Florence, Alabama. Dr. Kirk Brothers, president of the university, and his staff, faculty and students provided an excellent overview of what a university can achieve while maintaining the focus on preparing students for various phases of the ministry.

Rebecca served as a guest speaker for the ladies’ classes at the Henderson Church of Christ. She was able to provide her unique insights into the challenging role of being the wife of a missionary and school director.

Through a cooperative effort working with Healing Hands International, water wells are being drilled when congregations of the Lord’s church meet in Benin. Adjayi has served as the contact point in Benin for this wonderful effort.

While in the States, there was the opportunity visit with the Healing Hands staff in Franklin, Tennessee. There were great discussions, a tour of the facilities, and then a meal at a local Cracker Barrel Restaurant —which was a unique experience for Adjayi and Rebecca. Many thanks to Healing Hands for all they have done, and continue to do, to help with the work in Africa.

Though the schedule was very full, there was still some time to relax and enjoy a first-time visit to the U.S. for Rebecca and the second-time visit for Adjayi. When asked what they would especially like to do on their visit, they stated they wanted to ride a horse. Arrangements were made with Chickasaw State Park and their riding stables for Rebecca and Adjayi to do exactly what they hoped—ride a horse on an hour-long trail ride through the West Tennessee woods. When they finished the ride, they were told that they were officially now “cowboys” and they could spread the word of their adventure.

Many, many thanks go to Adjayi and Rebecca for all their work with the church in Benin. Not long ago, while visiting and encouraging congregations of the Lord’s church, their vehicle broke down near the Burkina Faso border of Benin. Sometimes the work of the church in other parts of the world carries with it unique challenges. When asked about their adventure, and having to spend the night where the breakdown occurred, Rebecca replied that they had actually been in situations where similar events happened and they had stayed as long as three days working on repairs. Prayers are continually offered for them in their work for the kingdom of God.