News from the United States

June 2021

In order to continue the work in Africa among the French speaking nations, there is the need for the support of Christians in other parts of the world. FACE has been blessed through the years with partners who have supported the efforts. While the primary focus has been in Benin, the reality is the influence has extended to more than eleven French speaking countries in West Africa. More than Africa, however, the influence and work of FACE can be seen throughout the world. Due to travel restrictions both domestic and abroad, there have been fewer opportunities to provide updates about how FACE and the Bible Training Center are moving forward. As these restrictions are lifted, increased efforts are now being made to visit with congregations, individuals and other organizations that have contributed to the success of the work. Over the past few weeks, presentations about the progress and plans of FACE have been either made or scheduled in Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri and Texas. The FACE office, located in the Benton Church of Christ building in Benton, Kentucky, is available for visits with individuals who want to know more. If you, or your congregation, would like to schedule a time for an update about how FACE and BTC are moving forward, please let us know. You can email us at or call (270) 493-0244. Thank you for your continued support of the efforts to reach not only French speaking Africa but people throughout the world.